is our newest location, convenient for families north of Charlottesville!

This pool is conveniently close to 29, but set back inside the neighborhood just enough for an enjoyable and quiet pool experience!

Non-members who purchase lessons are invited to use the pools to practice skills learned for an hour before or after their scheduled lesson time. 

Lessons at Hollymead Swim Club are offered in the afternoons and evenings only due to swim team use of the pool in the morning.

Click here to learn more about Hollymead Swim Club and how to become a member. They boast as Charlottesville’s “cheapest” pool membership…and we think they’re right!

Policies & Procedures

  1. No more than one (1) adult + child(ren) enrolled in swim lessons per day can enjoy an hour (60 minutes) of complimentary pool time either directly prior to or immediately following swim lessons.

  2. Any additional adults or siblings that arrive with the above party will be subject to a guest fee upon entering the Club, each day of the session.

  3. You will be required to sign in at the front desk upon arrival, and sign out upon completion of either your swim lesson or complimentary pool time. This time should equal approximately 90 minutes.

Hollymead Swim Club Waiver

HMSC (“Hollymead Swim Club”) Waiver:

I agree to assume on behalf of myself or the minor child whom I represent, all risks associated with any water related, exercise or playground activity (hereinafter “activities”) at HMSC.  In consideration of being allowed to participate or having a minor child participate in such activities, I hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

1.              Notice and Assumption of Risk:  I certify that the information that I have provided is true and correct.  If I am under the age of 18, I agree not to participate in any activities without the consent of my parent or guardian.  I understand and accept the fact that such activities are potentially dangerous.  I understand that they have inherent and other risks, including, but not limited to, permanent injury, disfigurement or death.  Understanding that such activities may be hazardous, I voluntarily and expressly assume for myself or my minor child the risks of injury as a result of any activities.

2.              Indemnity.  I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend HMSC and its officers, directors and employees from any liabilities, losses, attorneys’ fees and court costs that may result from any claims or causes of action arising from the participation in such activities and the use of HMSC facilities by myself or the minor child whom I represent.


a.               They have usage of the HMSC swimming pools for swim lessons;

b.               They have the ability to purchase food and beverage at the HMSC snack bar;

c.               They have the ability to utilize HMSC restrooms and changing facilities; and

d.              They have usage of HMSC swimming pools for up to one hour “extra time” either directly prior to or immediately following swim lessons.  NON-MEMBER PARTICIPANTS MAY NOT RETURN TO HMSC AT ANOTHER TIME IF THEY DO NOT UTILIZE THEIR HOUR OF FREE SWIM IMMEDIATELY PRIOR OR BEFORE LESSONS.

i.                HMSC will provide lifeguard coverage for students and instructors during the time of swim lesson instruction and the one hour of “extra time.”

f.                One adult is permitted to accompany each non-HMSC swim lesson participant free of charge during the time the non-HMSC member is participating in swim lessons and the additional hour of pool time.  Siblings under two years of age are also permitted free of charge for the same time period, but additional family members must pay applicable HMSC guest fees if they are going to use the pools. 

g.               In no event shall non-HMSC members be allowed to remain on HMSC property beyond the one hour of “extra time,” unless they are signed in and paid for as guests of an HMSC member.

4.              Binding effect.  This instrument shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of me and HMSC and our successors, assigns, heirs and personal representatives.

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