Top Tips for Bath Safety Month!

Did you know that January is Bath Safety Month? Yes, it’s actually a thing!

Introducing your little fish to water in the bath tub is a great way to acclimate them and become more comfortable in the water. Bonus: you can practice water safety and skills learned at swim lessons in the tub, too! We know you are sitting at the tub night after night (and if you’re anything like us, several time PER night), so we thought these easy reminders might help.

Safety in the tub will prove for a fun and accident-free time for all (slippery) parties involved!

  1. Stay and play! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 4 and under always have a parent or caregiver present when they are near water, and that includes the tub. As parents we know that accidents can happen in an instant. Plus, the bath routine is a ideal time to interact with your little one with songs, smiles, and fun.

  2. Test the temp! Before plunging into the water, make sure it’s just the right temperature to prevent scalding. Use your forearm to test the water first. To do so, run your arm underneath the tap — if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. Other tips: make sure the tub fills all the way up before you lower your child in as the temperature can change, and if you’re really diligent, set your home’s water heater to deliver water no hotter than 120 degrees.

  3. Stay grounded! Prevent injuries by purchasing an anti-slip mat and suctioning it to the floor of the tub. Most young children don’t have the strength to balance and steady themselves if they hit a slippery spot in the bath. Additionally, make sure the bath mat outside of the tub isn’t going go flying when their little feet hit it — many bath mats have a sticky bottom to prevent slippage.

  4. Watchful care! Though today’s high tech bath seats can be a great tool for our slippery, wiggly, babies, nothing replaces a careful watch over your child in the tub. Many parents equate bath seats with supervision (even for just a minute); in reality, it’s just an aid to help us clean our child.

Bath time for our littles also has many amazing benefits outside of practicing the skills we learn at swim lessons:

  • great way to start your bedtime routine

  • provides a calming environment for some intimate (and adorable!) moments

  • activates all of the senses that can lead to your child’s brain development!

  • Bonus: it’s technology-free!